Why is this company called Papa LED?

Obviously, LED stands for light-emitting diodes. Which are devices that produce light in the most efficient way.

Why it’s Papa ?  2 reasons:

  • It is very common when spouses call each other by nicknames. They happen to be “mama” and “papa” in our family. BTW, your email address is
  • The name embodies my expertise and many years of experience with LEDs.

What is so special about LEDs?

As I said LEDs are the most effective devices to produce visible electromagnetic waves. For now and foreseeable future.

There are 2 main applications where LED lamps are used in mass:

  • For lighting. LEDs emit all kinds of shades of white light.
  • For LED jumbotrons or video walls. Mix of 3 colours (Red, Green, Blue or RGB) is needed to make any possible hue. RGB LED lamps accomplish just that.

The last point sounds complicated. Is it?

Not at all. You know, the art of playing piano is to press right buttons at right time ? Something very similar happens in the jumbotrons, RGB LEDs do the “buttons” job.

Is there a competition in this field?

Oh yeah. As in any field of open market economy, only the best are to survive and strive. Something superior needs to be offered to stay competitive. Which is the case with this company.

If somebody decides to purchase any LED equipment what he /she needs to be aware of?

An electrical equipment has to bear a mark or a label of a certification agency. In our beautiful British Columbia the agency should be accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Or it can bear an approval label from British Columbia Safety Authority: If the equipment is to be used outdoors there should be a permit issued by a municipality that governs planned installation location.

It’s proclaimed that the Papa LED does 3 things: sales, service and rentals. Can you elaborate?

Sales and rentals are detailed on the Offerings page of this website.

Papa LED does service of its own products, LED screens supplied by Retop Displays and other LED products (can’t guarantee results).

Why Retop is singled out?

I started working for Retop when it was founded, was involved in every job they did and possess all available files and spare parts for their projects.

How about me?

How about me? Can I be of any use?

Sure, if you want. If somebody prefers to deal with a young person he/she can contact you at

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